Friday, May 13

Taliban is on Twitter and their official site is online

Just got the news and joined @alemarahweb Taliban's feed and I'm also taking a look at The Taliban Official site that according to The Guardian is:

"regularly evicted from servers or shut down by authorities, is constantly on the move.

Presumably operating on the grounds that it is best to know one's enemies – 140 characters at a time – the first feed the Taliban signed up to follow was that of @Afghantim, who describes himself as a US air force logistics officer currently deployed working as a combat adviser to the Afghan army.

The Taliban are also following @afghanHeroesUK, a charity supporting British troops in Afghanistan"

It seems that some changes happened after all because using computers, watching TV and... kitting was forbidden during Taliban times.

I'll keep looking at the site because it might not be online tomorrow.

No. They don't explain their plans and give the date and time for the next terrorist act.It is a site like all the others with articles, interviews, analysis, links, .pdf files... amazing and even a disappointment since there are no plans, no pictures, nothing related to terrorists activities, like a good manual explaining many actions like how to explode yourself in the middle of as much enemies civilians as possible.

Why it is prevented to be online is a mystery because some of the ideas are even naive like the way the end of American empire is inevitable and just around the corner.
But keeping it away from sight creates more fear because imagination can create a very dark picture what is very good for the manipulation of minds that the western governments and their media are doing for a long time by lying, withholding information, filtering search engineerings, using lots of stratagems that make impossible freedom of speech one of the most important rights of any democratic system.
It's ironic that US government makes such an effort to promote democracy around the world while there are lots to be done for it's citizens.

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