Saturday, May 28

Ratko Mladic arrest: Great news, not justice!

This is the title of Human Right's Watch for the article about Ratko Mladic arrest and I don't think it's correct. Still the article is good since it it does not close the case as others do and points out that supporters, including civilians, of Mladic are not that happy.
If justice is being done sure it is a start however I think that only listening to those who suffered can make the entire picture be depicted:
"Its great news but many of Bosnian, innocent, children had to be raised without fathers, brothers, tortured mothers. Many of them didn't get a chance for their kids to have an Uncle, a grandfather.. And thru all that pain Mladić was a hero to many.. Its unfortunate how politics Work, in a funny way.. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families from my country, Bosnia. I hope for many this could be a closure but its hard to think so because he had all of the freedom while Bosnian people suffered.. Now he Will be placed in a wonderful Jail With all nice necessities, what kind of justice is that?!?!"
"The slaughter of thousands could have been avoided but the EU seeing what was happening politically in Yugoslavia before the war ever started did nothing, it took US muscle to allow a recourse but an eye for an eye makes the world blind, killing Mladic now would serve no purpose, it cannot undo what has been done."
These are comments at Facebook at the Human Rights Watch group. Sicking for justice is endless, it is a process that never stops. We have to face it and be alert. I think that the concept of justice has to be debated because it's being used as a synonym to events that are not related to what justice really is.
Picture: BBC

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