Monday, May 2

Quieting my mind: jump

I have seen this picture at more than one blog but didn't find the name of the photographer. When I was a child I loved to jump and even today from time to time I jump and it makes me feel so good! 
Try it!


Nicholas V. said...

Just took your advice and it felt wonderful!

Ana said...

It is really good and I have a big cushion at my living room...

Heguiberto said...


Your post reminds me of a song by Maria Bethânia that also makes me feel good when I listen to it:

Sem olhar, sem respirar,
Sem rir, sem falar, sem pensar,
Salte pra algum lugar
Qualquer piscina
Ou o mar de Amaralina
Que o amor não é mais
do que o ato
Da gente ficar
No ar
Antes de mergulhar

Dance, dance, cante, cante
Muito alto
sem medo de tudo, de nada,
sem medo de errar

Jumping also makes me feel good. I haven't done it as often as I should!

What would happen to the world if we all gave up hope and love and compassion?

Thanks for visiting!

Ana said...

Bethania! What a woman and what a voice.
I don't remember this music but I'm sure I know it.
Thank you for your great recipes.
I'll visit you often to have new ideas to change what i eat.