Tuesday, May 24

US Congress' 26 standing ovation to Netanyahu: The Jewish activist Rae Abileah

It was amazing! The American Congress behaved like a claque during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speech. They were so perfect that it seems they had rehearsed or maybe that crowd of congresspersons were full of stunts.
I believe that there was a green light to ovation and a red light for standing ovation.
Netanyahu was so secure, so full of himself repeating all those lines we have already heard so many times, one of the reasons that standing ovation is a little out of place because enthusiasm is usually brought when something new or unexpected happens, and other new pearls.
When the activist American Jewish Rae Abileah disrupted and shouted: “Stop Israel war crimes.” Netanyahu received an standing ovation and said that it can only happens in a democracies.
Rae was hospitalized and arrested. Quite democratic!
Read more about Rae Abileah here. About the US Congress cheer-leaders rehearsed by the lobbyists?
Everyday at the news you see lots of them.
Update: May, 26
"As for Americans, we should be deeply ashamed of our Congress. It has been sold to the highest bidder."
This is what M.J. Rosemberg wrote at this article at Al Jazeera. He did a very good analysis of the way the American congress received Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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