Saturday, May 14

Erin McGuire's adventures in the graphic design world

I was lucky today. I clicked at "next blog" maybe for the forth time in my internet life and came across with Erin McGuire site an amazing graphic designer that do a lot of different works without losing something only she has.
I'm still looking and enchanted by her sketches, books she likes and make covers for them... her universe that is very creative and amazing. I've chosen these pictures but I would really like to have some more. Hope you like them.
It is a good idea to check her blog this Saturday. Have a great weekend!


Missy said...

I really like the one with the young woman reaching into the jewelry chest.


Ana said...

I like them all and her blog has so many amazing pictures!

cookingvarieties said...

hi ! stunningly beautiful

Ana said...

I loved them!

Ken Foster said...

Oh I like these too! I'll have to add her to my favorite sketchers list. Thanks!

web designer said...

Your hard-work will payoff some day, Hats off to your creative thinking.

Ana said...

I'm glad you like. I can watch her "older posts" for minutes!

web designer,
You made my day! It's hard to keep going without inputs and all of a sudden a comment like this worth all the doubts.
Thank you very much.