Saturday, May 21

Real Democracy Now - European Revolution in progress

"Of the people, by the people for the people!"
I remembered it here and now those who by law are entitled to choose their rules will do it peacefully.
People of Europe raising for true democracy.
"They don't represent us - we're asking for change," "We want to demonstrate that society is not asleep, and we will fight for what we deserve. We want a society that prioritizes people over economic interests."


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, i like this article..good that you spread the message..
This feeling is everywhere.

Nothing will change unless the people speaks out very very loud, because the authorities are kind of deaf and thick.

do visit me again to put in your final comment. i have done one to thank them all and another one to thank you.

Ana said...

I just hope things go peacefully. I'm a little scared.
I'l visit the post.