Saturday, April 16

Afghanistan by Trill Zapatero: RAWA "Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan"

  This is another project done at Second Life. Trill Zapatero did this amazing work to tell the story of RAWA, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, created in 1977 to fight for human rights and social justice in their country, and give some news about what is happening in Afghanistan. Hope you like it and can read some of what is written because I did it some time ago with Picasa when I still didn't know that it is not a good slide-show. Sorry, I don't have time to do it again. I want to share it. So... Projects like this one and the one at the post below are done without any incentive of Linden Labs, Second Life's owners. People ask for donations or pay with their own money to have amazing creations. Very often they disappear or change to something different in order to make money. Second Life is not that different and it's ironic to be part at a game that has it's own currency, the Linden dollars, and that some few people are there to make money in real life. And they do, they really make a lot of money especially at the housing market. If you want to know more about Trill Zapatero visit Plot's site here.
Update: May 10th
I just talked to Trill and this is the address of the site for RAWA. I'll write about it in another post.


Steve Bossenberger said...

That is great! Love the work that Trill Zapatero did. RAWA is a great organization and their story needs to be heard

Ana said...

Yes, it is a great organization.