Tuesday, April 5

Ambroise Vollard portrayed by Cezanne and Renoir

Not only an art dealer but an art lover who looked for new talents of his time Ambroise Vollard was portrayed by some of his friends here Renoir, right, and Cezanne at the left. Comparing the two paintings is a good exercise to understand each artist style under the name Impressionism.
Look at each one and you will take your own conclusions.
Vollard acquired many paintings and in June 2010 his collection, after having a long story, was finally sold in Paris and London.
In case you're asking which one I like the best... Cezanne is amazing but Renoir too.
Ok... Cezanne.


wan maznah said...

hi ana, finally, i get to post comment here.. personally i like Cezanne, because of the pose- not sloppy.. or should i say more poised on the Cezanne's :) great idea to post this

Ana said...

they are so different... but my eyes keep at Cezanne longer.
It's not my problem.
Thank you for the visit.