Friday, April 15

Steve Mills hyper-realistic paintings

Right: Leaning Left, 2010
Left: Midas touch, 2002
It is amazing how realistic paintings affect us. We stare at them and 'I can't believe it is a painting' is in our minds.
Steve Mills has created a great universe and the title sometimes has an ironic or critical connotation. I chose these two paintings but you can see some great of hype-realistic paintings here.
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Steve Bossenberger said...

WOW!!! IT looks like a photo to me. Incredible realism

Ana said...


Marj aka Thriver said...

These are amazing! I love photo-realism. Thanks for sharing.

I see what you mean about just posting things you like. I may have to look into I have to get more skilled at posting photos and such. Oh well, maybe some day. ;)

Ana said...

It is not difficult. The blogspot editor don't allow us to have options.
Do it!
I'm very happy you came and you did a last post of your blog. It would be goos to start about what you like.
Love you, love you...