Wednesday, April 13

Athletes for Citizenship: the active citizens the mainstream media forgets

I don't understand why the mainstream media never has in it's agenda what people have been doing of good. When we watch the news today there's only room for blood, sweat and tears.
Without exception the TV channels worldwide broadcast not only the wars, conflicts, people in pain no matter what the reason, and even an accident that has not made victims or hurt people are detailed described.

It has some results being one of them keep the status quo alive and kicking since people feel overwhelmed and paralyzed in fear of such an evil world.

I try doing the opposite here showing the bright side of the vast majority of people in this world.
"Atletas pela Cidadania, 'Athletes for citizenship', is one of this projects that makes the flame alive. It is a non-profit organization that unites athletes and former athletes of diferent generations to raise awareness and mobilize people to support important national issues to promote a fair social development.
The strategy is simple: "the popularity and credibility of athletes makes it possible to call attention and mobilize Brazilians informing and acting for a better society." (from their site)

Here you can find the Brazilian athletes that are at the project.
Don't give up on human beings. There is also the "Instituto Guga Kuerten"/ "Guga Kuerten's Institute" that the tennis player Guga Kuerten created and other athletes who have done the same. I'll do another post about them.


Mark p.s.2 said...

Some good is reported, but it is the sensational stories that make the news. There is not much sensational good news, like "smallpox has been eliminated from the earth" kind of thing.
"After vaccination campaigns throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the WHO certified the eradication of smallpox in 1979" wikipedia

Ana said...

Yes. Now that the problem is over people don't care.
I've been noticing that many people are saying that the violence shown on the media is too much.
Yesterday at a local TV news, I watch them, even FOX because we have to know how they are working, a legal problem between nations related to an airplane that was a tragedy 2 years ago was reported for more than 2 minutes... I changed the channel...
Love you mark!

Miss Lego said...

I think this project can really make a difference, and it's exactly what we need, because as you say, horrible news are the food the mass media is giving us, so it's time to highlight what's really important for people.

Ana said...

And they claim that only bad news sells. I don't agree with that. But if they say so... let's NOT agree.