Saturday, April 16

The Night Cafe by Van Gogh in a 3D virtual World

This is the painting at the post below that was reproduced at Second life by Mudpuddle Cleaslate.
He did seven reproductions of Van Gogh's painting at his "Van Gogh's Arles" venue. As you know Arles is the city Vincent lived in France and he did many paintings depicting places and people of the city being the most famous "The Bedroom", that I visited in September 2009, this post, but could not fully understand and enjoy.
I love going to this place and see my avatar walking at "Arles" and entering the paintings. I took some pictures that I want to share but I spent more than one hour at Voicethread editing but they don't offer the embedding code.I will try to edit a slide-show.
Click at the pictures to enlarge.


Nicholas V. said...

What an amazing idea! Looks great!

Ana said...

It is really great!