Tuesday, April 26

Vermeer: "The Love Letter" comparing reproductions

Comparing reproductions of any work of art makes us wanting to get a plane and do a quick flight to see the original.
You are excused from the two last posts if you
are the iconic illiterate described at Monday's post. You just have to know "The Girl with the pearl earing".
Keep it in your memory that I'll give you some more important works of art you have to know. Maybe ten will do. Take it easy!


Sandy's witterings said...

That's an interesting little trio of blogs. I saw the Girl with the Pearl Earing earlier this year - worth going to see as the whole gallery is full of some lovely pictures.
Good to see these pictures appearing one after the other as it's obviously the same person - it definately the same frock. I like a connection between pictures.
In the same gallery I'm wondering if the same lady lute player (perhaps not this one) appears in two different pictures by different artists from around the same time. I doubt I'd ever be able to find out even if I had remembered to note down the picture names and artists.

Ana said...

Yes... Vermeer is not alone and he has many great peers. But I share the same feeling with you about the lady.