Tuesday, April 26

Bloglovin: using blogs to sell

I misspelled the name: It is BlogLovin, the application for fashion victims below, and not the way I first wrote.
Why they didn't write FashionLovin since blogs are not their forte? Update: April, 27 They keep publishing my posts as you can see at the first left image. Dear Lord! These people really need desperately other people's work! Be careful with these kind of scams. There are many at the web! Update: April, 28 I just found an article also explaining how Bloglovin steals content even from bloggers who didn't sign. This is criminal and there's no other word for that.
The first image I just took from their site showing that they keep using my posts and have the one I did four hours ago.
Isn't it amazing how they need people's work? But the lack of integrity and ethics is not a surprise and there are so many people doing
Say NO to unethical marketing
the same! They forget that I use work of many people, attributing of course, but if they publish their images without giving the attribution for the creators they have another problem.
What is amazing about those who steal people's work is that they never achieve their goals and their projects are never taken seriously or are profitable.
Funny because once you are willing to make things the wrong way it is so much easier to succeed in our days and in history we also have some examples.
But you have to do it wisely and let's face it: stealing from bloggers is not in the mind of a great marketer or a man of broad visions.
Poor people. But it's an advice for bloggers who are not very known and might be very upset when things like that happens.
It means nothing. Just don't let them steal your traffic. Tips in another post.
Update: June, 17
Blogovin is still using my blog. The image shows my last two posts for today.
I don't think we can teach ethics or respect to anyone.
I will not even talk about integrity, rules and all these words.
Only respect. I wrote them saying I had unjoin their site and asked to have my blog removed.
They don't do it.


Roberta R. said...

I've only found out your post today...So, apparently, they've been at it for the last 3 years or so. No matter what they say and do, I still think this is WRONG. I wrote a blog post about the issue myself, if you are interested:


And I even went out of my way in order to contact all my BL followers and ask them to unfollow me. Also, I basically "spammed" my own blog with no-BL advertisement, so to speak. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like this situation at all!

Ana said...

I got ion touch with them asking to get my blog out of their site and they answered with a changed that changed nothing.

They have a lot of blogs whose authors don't know their blogs are the site.

This is unethical.
I'll visit your blog.
Thank you!