Friday, April 1

Iraq Veterans Against the War fighting for peace with other vets's organizations

Some people don't know about the associations of veterans of wars that fight for peace like the 'Iraq Veterans Against the War'; 'Vietnam Veterans Against the War'; 'Gulf War Veterans'; 'Veterans for peace' or about'The National Veterans Services Fund, Inc.' formely Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Victims, Inc
They are not only helping soldiers when they return home but also doing an important political work. The right photo is Watermelon Slim of Vietnam Veterans Against the War being taken into custody March 19 at the White House.
History of Resistance
"As long as there have been militaries and war, soldiers around the world have resisted, deserted, and refused combat duty for both moral and political reasons, and civilians have supported them. The term “GI,” meaning “Government Issue,” came into use in World War One to refer to Army soldiers and their equipment. It emphasizes the service members’ status as pieces of property belonging to the government, which GI resisters are all too aware of!"
........... "In July of 2004, just months after the first units returned from deployment, Iraq Veterans Against the War was founded and quickly emerged as a significant political force. Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and some other long-time peace activists and groups supported IVAW in its growth." (read the whole story here).
They raise awareness about a lot of the problems that war causes to anyone and are always expressing their views like in the 'Resolution Against the War in Afghanistan' - here -. They were there and they know what it means to be and come back from there.
Thank you veterans! You are doing a great job!
Right picture: Photo by Ellen Davidson copied from this site.
Left: Gulf War Veterans.

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