Sunday, April 10

A guest a week: "What have you been up to?"

I'm planning to have a guest a week because I think that the more brilliant people we have next to us the more we grow and shine.* "What have you been up to?" is the question to be answered just to have a start because there are no rules to follow. If it's about the work he/she is doing, or a joke, a story, an excerpt of a favorite author, a drawing, the road map for world peace... sky is not the limit. I can't hardly wait to publish the first guest.
*Update: It does not mean that I will invite people to promote the blog as a kind of tangential glory. This blog is all about other people's work so all the posts already have the spirit of what people are you up to.
This blog has already hits enough and it is not my intention to be a blogbuster and I don't take any of the known measures to have this result. This is not the outcome I want from this blog.
The hits this blog has, I don't understand why it has the amount of visits it has, is already enough. If I touch one person I consider it an achievement.
I think I'll post at the side-bar a call for guest and those who want to be a guest can send whatever they feel like. I will publish it gladly a long as it is not spam or strange things that we find at internet, of course.

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