Monday, April 25

Award day! The Reader Appreciation Award

This one is from Missy and I will do the way she did. I'll choose only six of all the bloggers I like and those who are not at the list but feel connected to this blog can snag it.
These are the six I did choose:

Balqis at Part and Parcel of Life:
Cookingvarieties at Cokking-Varieties;

These are old and new blogfriends and as I can't list all I like, snag it!


Balqis said...

Thank you so much, Ana! It's another surprise from you. So nice of you to include me among the six bloggers' friends. It's an honour indeed. :)

Ana said...

It's hard to understand why we connect more to one person and not to another in the virtual world.
But it happens.

cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana..this is most unexpected, such a wonderful surprise and many thanks for selecting me as one of your precious six. :) its like what they say "Miracles do happen" >guess i am one of your new blogger friends.
Lookig forward to friendship beyond blogging, all the very best always to you dear.thanks missy

José said...

Hi Ana,

Thank you so much for the prize.
I'll keep working hard to make sure that you made a good choice.



Ana said...

You're special. I don't know how I know that, but that's for sure!

susan said...

Thank you Ana. Once again, I am overwhelmed by your kindness.

I;ll check out these other blogs. I know if you like them they must be great.

Ana said...

We were writing at the same time. You don't need to proof to me that you are a very good blogger and have a lot of good news.
I know you.

Ana said...

Kindness? You work the hell and I'm kind?
Nope, you are a great human being and a very special lady!

Moonomo said...

Indeed it's a surprise! I'm a big fan of Painting and your hardwork amaze me- how you hunt those down!

Thank you! It's my pleasure to keep up with a great person like you.

Ana said...

Indeed a surprise! I never thought you saw me this way.
I'm blushing....

Ana said...

Indeed a surprise! I never thought you saw me this way.
I'm blushing....

Mark p.s.2 said...

Ana , Thank you for the Award! I really appreciate it.

Ana said...

Love you!