Monday, April 25

"Girl with a pearl earring" must be known iconic illiterate people!

I'm sure you were exposed to the right painting whether you know it or not. "The girl with the pearl earing", painted in 1665 by Vermeer, is everywhere and she must be almost next to Mona lisa in popularity. Ok, if you don't know Mona lisa. The Last Supper? No? You are in serious trouble. You are an iconic illiterate and knowing Madonna or Lady Gaga will not help you.
Some paintings are used by designers, advertisers, artists and all of those who work with images because they take for granted that everybody knows them for they are part of the western cultural patrimony just like Bart Simpson is.
You may not like art but it is a shame, a shame not to know some works of art and still, some people claim: "I don't like paintings or anything of this kind" as if they were saying "I don't like running, I rather walk."
And they start laughing!
I wonder if in the scientific era anyone would dare to say: "I don't know how the four operations." without feeling ashamed.
Or I'm wrong and not knowing is the new black. "I don't know, and I don't wanna know."
I will try to find this memo I didn't receive to see if I have to continue or stop here. brb


cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana, happy to drop by and read your new post.the Vermeer paintings are sos beautiful..i like the color tones..the model's facial expression somehow matches the color tones.. maybe you should put up one of your paintings too :)

Ana said...

Yes, Vermeer is one of the best of his time.
No. I don't paint. I just do some drawings but don't feel like publishing.
Maybe in some years...

Rawiyah said...

Hi Ana

Your blog's quite interesting. I'm looking forward to reading upcoming posts.

Take Care

Ana said...

Thank you very much Rawiyah!
I just came to do the post about Vermeer and it is so good to find a comment like yours!
Sometimes I think: why keep doing it? and all those questions bloggers have...
First because we love and there are some people who like it.
Thank you for the encouragement.