Wednesday, April 6

A glimpse of her

 Too Good
© Tom Medwell 2002
School:Venetian. Dante,Divina Commedia:encounter of Dante and Beatrice. Venetian School,14th

"Brown eyes you can drown in. I wonder if she's noticed me looking, if she looks back. Big brown eyes, fuller than most, somehow, somewhere between Japanese and Dutch, expressive in their darkness. Everything fits, me and her, us, I. Of course, we're only friends, that's all, that's enough, only..."

                      .Once again I thank my English teacher Wilson Voight for a great text. Each of us, non-native speakers, are reading Yertle the Turtle by R. Seuss. Many accents and a rich experience.
Image: Dante, Divina Commedia: encounter of Dante and Beatrice. Venetian School,14th. Medieval Manuscript, Illuminated 14th. 


thegoodgreatsby said...

Great lines. Makes me want to read the rest.

Ana said...

I should have said that it is a micro-fiction. This is the whole piece,
I'll make an update.
Thanks for reminding me.