Wednesday, April 27

Tatsuya Ishida the Japanese-American resistant webcartoonist

I'm getting in touch with Tatsuya work now and I'm impressed. This is the first cartoon I found this week and started researching. You will have to wait till tomorrow and for the moment enjoy this great strip. 
Cheat: Kanji's symbol for change.


Nicholas V. said...

I like that, Ana!
As you are interested in the visual arts, here is the URL for my new Photoblog, which you may like:

cooking varieties said...

I like cartoon websites. this one is great. unfortunately there are not many cartoonist bloggers who are ever willing to go blog walking-pretty much in their own world.
Ana, congrats on your new blog , I am confident it will be a big hit !. ha ha – I am no chef and I cant show off any culinary stuff like some exotic cuisine or compete with martha stewart and those chef diva, so I have to be diffferent from them all, hence I put eyes on my fruit stack- the Borobudur :)

Ana said...

Thank you for the link. I'll visit it.

There are sites and blogs of cartoonists.
I'll post some of them... Big Hit?
hmmm. maybe I'll choose not to be found on search. hehe
I remember the first time I saw Bobobudur in a documentary. I was amazed!