Saturday, April 9

Global Alert: Mall-shooting in Netherlands today: yesterday Brazil, tomorrow where?

"Netherlands, April 9 (UPI) -- A man who opened fire with a machine gun in a Dutch shopping mall Saturday killed five people and wounded nearly a dozen others, officials said.
Eyewitnesses said the gunman had long blond hair, appeared to be about 25 years old, and wore a leather jacket with camouflage pants"
"You hear about this sort of thing happening at American schools and you think that's a long way away," said Rob Kuipers, 50, a project manager. 

"Now it's happened here in the Netherlands." .......

This is an invitation to think and try to solve some of the problems we are facing and not a panic alert. We have to stop fearing and be bold to try raise the questions and demand answers from those who can do something. We have the power even thou some want us to believe we don't. Yes, we have. Yes.


Nicholas V. said...

It is a sign of the times, I'm afraid. Our world is becoming collectively crazy... It an effort to maintain pockets of sanity here and there.
Can we hope that it is a cycle that we have to go through and it will soon go away? What can each of us as individuals do to help it go away? How can our communities sit up, take notice and say "enough!"

Ana said...

The questions are numerous and I think that we have to focus on all of them or we'll keep repeating the same over and over again.
At the same time it seems that this world need a change, and a quick change.
This is one of the problems.
How could we promote a good will environment?
Difficult but something has to be done.
And it seems that politicians are not in the mood of being in front of this.