Wednesday, April 13

Ebook reader: wishing-list

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I think that it is already impossible not to have one. This is something important:
Some of the eReaders have hundreds of thousands of titles available from a dedicated service while others can support a few files found on the internet. We rated the number of content available for the device and how many different types of book files each device can support."
I'll ask Santa next Xmas.
I just fount the text that is at the right picture. I searched the phrase "there was a counterculture element for Oppenheimer":
"Oppenheimer was among the last of the old-fashioned Wall Street partnerships and survived on the scraps left behind by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. It felt less like a corporation than a family business. Lillian and Elliot Eisman had been giving financial advice to individual investors on behalf of Oppenheimer since the early 1960s. (Lillian had created their brokerage business inside of Oppenheimer, and Elliot, who had started out as a criminal attorney, had joined her after being spooked once too often by midlevel Mafia clients.)."... (emphasis mine)*
"...She added, "There was a counterculture element to Oppenheimer. The people at the big firms were all being paid to be consensus." Eisman turned out to have a special talent for making noise and breaking with consensus opinion. He started as a junior equity analyst, a helpmate, not expected to offer his own opinions....." (emphasis mine)** (here)
From the book "The Big Shot by Michael Lewis" * at the little text ** at the big text.
You can try finding the left one. I will not make another advertisement. :)
Ok, idle reader: it is from "The Man of Beijing" by Henning Mankel. Nobody will ready it anyway...

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