Sunday, April 3

The Literature Map: reading discussions and 1984 the first book I read in English

Write the name of your favorite author and click "ok". You will find the constellation of authors that have any kind of relation to him/her according to readers. Sometimes you will be surprised with some associations like Bernard Shaw, Paulo Coelho and Tolstoy. But it's interesting to take a look because it's beautiful when the names of the authors appears.
There are other tools and also join a discussion about authors, music and movies.
I found "The Reading Room" where it's possible to find people who likes the same author and discuss with them and books to read online. The good books are only partially online. And here it goes the first book I read in English when I was 19 years-old:


Yep! One of my teachers lend me the book, I never returned but it is a paperback, and I read it. Of course I skipped a lot of pages but the whole impression was suffocating.

I remember the beginning quite well because I read it many times trying to find the words I didn't know. I will talk about it tomorrow. I'm sure all of my readers, myself, me and I, can't hardly wait for this post. A complete version of "1984" is here to be read online.

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