Friday, April 22

Fun, humor and relaxing week

I'm thinking about a week of posts for fun, humor and relaxing. I can't share the real aquarium that is known to calm us down but virtual reality is here to unite us.
The right feeding fish is very known and Disney's Ariel princess too. You can arrange her house or call that girl if you want. Have a great weekend!
Ariel makeover is here in a bigger version. Don't put the jelly-fish next to Ariel!


cookingvarieties said...

hi analuiza,this time your post is truly very lax, like on holidaying in the bahamas lol :)great..
please visit my latest post and accept my request to do a special- turban/winter squash “GUEST POST” for me ok.see the awesome looking turban squash, wch most people have never seen it before..
I will be so grateful if you agree. Have a nice day and happy blogging. not a recipe, but anything on pumpkin that suits your niche :) i will surely publish yours :)

Ana said...

Thank you for the invitation and I'm very honored to be invited.