Thursday, April 7

A literary genre for the internet: micro fiction

I didn't make it clear that the post below is a micro fiction so the whole text is there and it doesn't have a continuation like the suspension points could evoke. There is a good site that explains the history of the creation of micro fiction and some of the writers:
"But the computer screen is not paper. The oscillating light tears at the eyes. Short fiction, the kind that can be read and enjoyed in a few hundred seconds, has become the popular form on the world wide web for that reason. "
Here is the whole text and a very good explanation about micro fiction.
"Micro Fiction belongs to the innovators. People who are expanding the possiblities of web design and of writing. Print is not dead by any means, but it is a static medium. This site is just a starting point. Your next step is to use the power of search engines to find the new literary worlds being born every day on the world wide web." (same site here)
It sounds very easy to gather a few words and call it literature but it is not. I'm searching for one to share today and it is taking time. I'll publish it in the afternoon. I'm sure my of my readers, myself, me and I, can't hardly wait to read it. The truth is I'll have a class with Wilson and I'm sure he will bring us a very interesting micro fiction cause he has been reading them for a long time.
The suspension points of the piece below can have many meanings such as hesitation, impossibility to express the real feeling, confusion... but the most important is what you feel when you read it.

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