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Bloglovin: Fashion from Sweden and the sterilization of images, content and meaning

As you can see Bloglovin keeps updating from my site although I have already sent e-mails and asked at Facebook for them to stop. What amazes me is not only the appropriation of my posts when I have already said that I have left the group and don't want my content there but the whole site has some qualities I find hard to understand how can it be that they deal with fashion? All the blogs that are associated to them have the same template and same edition in such a way that images, it's content, it's meaning is sterilized.
After seeing one page even the most fashion enthusiast loses the interest. And take a look at some of their pictures. If you click to enlarge you will see that these models look strange, their body are not only skinny but it seems that something is wrong with the proportions. They look uncomfortable with their bodies not knowing where to put arms, hands, legs, in a clumsy and strange position. They lack attitude and style. All Bloglovin's photographies looks the same and the clothes, accessories, jewelry, glasses or whatever they have to sell vanish, disappear, lose it's core which is contradictory since they should make the goods look desirable, unique transforming the most useless brick-a-brak into something nobody can live without.
Looking at my blog at that page is quite an experience because I see the same happening to all I do at my blog: it become soulless. No matter what the subject it has no appeal the essence goes down the drain. How can it be that Valentino, the pink dress with the yellow shoes is a Valentino, is at at this place? I like fashion. I'll show you this month the fashion I like. But keep me away from this Bloglovin because I already have Google Reader. And they got another post at my blog. Guess they love me and wanted that. There you are Mr. Swenson and Mr Gren (they look like a bunch of guys that united and had a bright idea: "let's use RSS to make money!"; "Great idea but what will we sell?" "Food?" "No! Too complicated! Clothes!" And this:
"She clicked through the email to find that scads of partial posts from her site appeared on bloglovin’, a site she had never heard of or visited before.Her initial thought? Blogscraping. Nichole says:
"When I clicked over, I saw my posts, in their entirety. With each click, I noticed that they weren't linking to me and I immediately thought that they had scraped my blog. I clicked around and found blog after blog and panicked a bit.I contacted Bloglovin' through their contact form and asked them to remove my content immediately. (They never replied to my request and my content is still on their site.)I later learned that they were framing my content, as my statistics were reflecting the hits, although the url never changed." (emphasis mine)
Several of her blogger friends were also finding their blogs on bloglovin’ and Twitter lit up with chatter about whether this new site was legitimate or not.Bloglovin’ is a community-driven site that aggregates RSS feeds. Users add the blogs they want to follow, much as you do with Google Reader or another feed reader. But when you add a blog you want to follow to bloglovin’s directory, other users are able to see it and follow it as well."
by Gigi Ross at Sheposts. They simply choose a blog and publish. What a shock! Fashion without a soul. But don't take the soul of people's work, please! I forgot to publish the only reply from them:
Bloglovin ticket 14106: I deleted my account. Delete MY CONTENT!

April 27
Hi,We've been talking quite a lot about how to let people follow blogs on Bloglovin' while still giving the bloggers the possibility not to be shown on the site. We've come up with a solution where the only things that are visible is the name and a button to follow the blog. Our members can then still follow and get the posts as usual, but it won't be visible to the general public.(emphasis mine) I've marked your blog as private and I really hope that this solution can work for all of us! Best regards, Timmy Sjöstedt, Bloglovin
I answer it doesn't work for me, things are not working this way and the blog is visible but I got no reply. I don't want to find Bloglovin related to my blog. At Google's search or at any other place. I don't have anything to do with this site and I want to have my blog free from marketing and selling. I don't have any ad at my blog. I never thought that they have no ethics. Usually we can unjoin and people respect us. Maybe it's because they are too young time for acting inconsequently. "It won't be visible to the general public." Oh my God! This is so funny!
Update: June, 17
Blogovin is still using my blog. The image shows my last two posts for today.
I don't think we can teach ethics or respect to anyone.
I will not even talk about integrity, rules and all these words.
Only respect. I wrote them saying I had unjoin their site and asked to have my blog removed.
They don't do it.

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