Friday, April 29

Blogger: Infinite scrolling changes blogs readability

I believe that most bloggers are not happy with the format of blogs with templates that only change places, number of columns, and colors.
The main reason is that after scrolling the page the "older posts" gives the impression that what was written before is no longer valid, old news, history and few people click at them. After choosing a new template we always accept that this is the best for the moment but not that happy with the choice no matter how beautiful it is.
If you use Blogger add "/view" to your address. Yes, like this:
add "view" to the address. See? I'm enjoying the sidebar option. Finally a better way to read and experience blogs and how quick the posts load! I believe and hope that till the end of this decade we'll see many changes.
I just don't know where are the blog list and widgets but many people don't have a blog list and widgets. I have already noticed that VIP blogs only have their posts and their profiles and sometimes a badge of a very important award. I'll never understand why they need followers for some even don't want comments which makes many people leave quickly even thou they would never leave any comment but without the just in case is too much.
I prefer having a huge blog list of people I admire and some widgets that make me remember that I'm not alone while blogging even if a certain criteria will exclude me just by taking a quick look at this features and the fact that I don't draw or write fiction and don't make any creative work surely puts me in a non-OK list. Funny how creativity is only seen by some when there is a product... this is for another post. Did you know that good blogs have only one column in the center and don't occupy the whole page like this template I'm using? This post would be huge!
To give a fancy atmosphere small pictures are ideal. I know the formula to have a fancy and top blog but this one here is the way it is. It follows another recipe.
It would be interesting publishing the same blog in different templates each aiming a certain niche but I don't have time for that.


Rawiyah said...

there are some blogs out there like the one by a fellow blogger, zezebel, called princess zezebel lair. Is it possible to create such a blog through blogger? I don't know how simple/ complex it might be to create such a template, but i would like to try.

And it's true that people define creativity by an end-product!

Ana said...

I don't know how to make this template final. I will visit zezebel.
I'm glad you share the idea that people don't understand that the way we show something, our thoughts and ideas are also creating.
People also seems to believe that those who deal with science don't need creativity because they follow rules.
Too many misunderstandings with this word.

Ana said...

Zezebel template is from here:

There are lots of templates there.

Steve Bossenberger said...

Thanks for the tip. I like the sidebar option. I never knew about it.

Have a great weekend!!!

Ana said...

Yes, this is very interesting.